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On Land and In our Waters: the Pervasive Plastic Problem

 September 2020 Volunteer Writer for Clean Up News

Plastics are everywhere. Their invention was intended to be an environmentally friendly solution, in reality, plastics are an environmental nightmare. Plastics are a long-lived product filling a short term need, single-use plastics are just the tip of the iceberg.

Plastics are killing indiscriminately, animals are entangled, sea life ingests plastics, perishing from starvation with bellies full full of plastic. We are not immune. Fish and shellfish are ingesting plastic and passing it up the food chain to us. No one is quite sure what the ramifications are of plastics in our system…

Pervasive Plastic Problem

 Our Marine Plastic Problem Extends Beyond Consumer Goods

September 2020 Clean Up News

The pervasive plastic problem extends far beyond land-based consumer packaging, products, and even microplastics that enter our waters. The problem extends beyond plastics entering our food chain. At least half of ocean waste is not consumer plastics, but fishing gear.

Plastics are responsible for up to 80% of marine pollution and are the most common marine litter worldwide.

Marine Plastics

Transforming Flowers into Food – Animal Pollinators Populations Essential for Food Production and Much More    

July 2021 Radiant Life Magazine


Have you ever stopped to think about how much of our food begins as a flower? Most of our fruits, nuts, and vegetables start with a flower. Flowers can’t produce seeds and grow into food without pollination. That means we rely on bees, butterflies, beetles, birds, and bats for much of our food and many other items we use daily.

Do you realize that we also depend on pollinators for adding billions of dollars to the global economy?     

Flowers Into Food