Veterinary Websites That Attract Dream Clients 

Your clinic website, blog and social media posts, when written correctly, are digital beacons attracting, educating, and serving clients.  The challenge has become creating a digital presence that is working for you day and night.  Establishing your expertise, intensifying trust, encouraging client compliance and increasing revenue are all possible when you know how to present information potential clients are searching for.

According to the Omni Agency, Google is responsible for over 94% of all digital search traffic.  Infusionsoft states most people read 11.4 pieces of content before making a purchase and 81% of internet users believe blog posts are a trusted source of advice and information.  They also found 40% of these users prefer to spend money with businesses who are engaging in social media.

You see, while you are sleeping, clients are searching for information.  If your website doesn’t have the information they’re seeking or it’s poorly written, those potential clients may find the clinic down the road instead of your clinic.

Written correctly your digital presence ensures clients have non-stop access to you and the information you feel is important.   We can even nudge existing clients toward dream client status without individual conversations by creating the necessary educational content.

What does your clinic website say about you and your business?

Your website needs to be an extension of you and your staff specifically designed for your unique clientele.  The precise information should focus on building strong meaningful relationships, beginning conversations, educating, and empowering clients.  The content written should help them recognize and solve their problems while positioning you and your staff as experts in your field.

Selling or Serving

Are you selling or serving?  Pet owners know hundreds of companies that offer pet products.  Some products are identical to those you sell, less expensive and delivered to their door.  Why should they come to you?  Clients are looking to do business with knowledgeable, caring professional they trust and respect to care for their pets and solve their problems.

Show Don’t Tell

Does all your digital content depict professionalism, expertise, attention to detail and portray a caring attitude?   Is the content helping to build relationships?  Is it educating clients, solving their problems and easing their concerns? Is it moving them closer to becoming dream clients? Does your digital footprint set you apart from the other veterinary clinics in your town?  Does it show clients, not tell them, why they should trust you with their extended family?

Relationships are Key

Most people don’t know the difference in your services or the services offered at any other clinic.  To them, all veterinarians are similar.

Your digital content needs to set you apart and show clients you are different.  Think of digital marketing as an employee delivering your message 24 x 7.  Each and every webpage, blog post, social media entry, email, and digital newsletter needs to convey your distinctive story to your unique audience in order to build trust and loyalty.  You can give clients reasons to trust and respect you by sharing your knowledge and experience and by serving their needs so they want to do business with you.

How to Begin

Websites need to be more than a clinic brochure.  Start by fixing any existing errors.  Any blank pages or dated material, errors in spelling or punctuation reflect poorly on your clinic.  They raise red flags.  These mistakes send the wrong message and are therefore important to address quickly.

Well written unique content that flows logically, is easily understood, answers clients’ questions and shows your depth of concern for them and their pets will build your brand and attract clients.  Concentrate on the benefits you offer to clients, show them how your clinic is special.  Sharing stories that only you and your clients can tell as well as encouraging participation and discussion in your social media posts will help clients feel connected to your clinic.  Every educational blog post, social media entry, and headline is another Google road map that points to your clinic and adds credibility to you and your staff giving clients one more reason to come to you.

Simply Don’t Have Time

Time is absolutely one of the critical factors in veterinary medicine.  Practicing medicine and caring for patients can exact a significant mental and emotional toll even without the added responsibilities of running a successful business.  Clients don’t realize the amount of time spent updating records, returning phone calls, speaking to other veterinarians on their behalf, researching and keeping current on the latest advancements in medicine after appointment and surgeries are complete, but I get it.


While digital marketing, client education, and a great website are undoubtedly on your to-do list they don’t rank at the top and rightly so. Daily medical concerns with patients and serving clients push these tasks down the list.  One option you may not have considered is hiring a freelance writer to assist with your communication needs.  I am a veterinary content specialist who can handle the content creation and digital marketing tasks for you.  I will make sure your website and all digital marketing reflects your expertise, competence, attention to detail, and serves your unique clientele.

What is your online presence (website, blogs, social media) saying about you and your staff? Are you attracting dream clients while you are sleeping?  I can build you a website or improve your existing site, consistently add relevant content and improve your social media enabling those digital roadmaps to send a steady stream of dream clients your way.

Send me an email to so we can get started improving your digital presence and growing your business today.