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CAL FIRE’s Fearless Flying Firefighters

August 2019 KCET Public Broadcasting

The thought of flight and the consuming power of fire has fascinated mankind for centuries. Who hasn’t looked up wondering what it would be like to soar among the clouds? Who hasn’t sat mesmerized, staring into a campfire? The translucent red flames reaching toward the sky somehow hold us captive. For a select few, fire and flight go hand in hand.  “Like most kids, I wanted to be an astronaut,” says helicopter pilot Cliff Walters. Flying Firefighters

How the Tuskegee Airmen Rose Above Racism

July 2019 KCET Public Broadcasting

“They rose from adversity, through Competence, Courage, Commitment and Capacity to serve America on Silver Wings and to set a standard few will transcend.”

This message is inscribed beneath the Tuskegee Airmen statue at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado. These words speak to the dedication of all who had a hand in the hard-fought success of the Tuskegee Airmen.

Tuskegee Airman

Giving History a Hand with Vintage Aircraft Restoration

July 2019 KCET Public Broadcasting

Escaping the ground, freedom is found as silver wings touch blue sky. Pilots say there is nothing on earth that can compare to flying. For those who painstakingly restore vintage aircraft, the story begins, and history unfolds even before the plane returns to the skies.

“I cut my teeth on tow bars and P-51 Mustangs,” says Matt Nightingale. Restoring older military planes has been in Nightingale’s blood since boyhood. Vintage Aircraft

Beware of Backyard Pet Dangers

July 2021 Radiant Life Magazine

Summer sunshine calls to us, ‘Get the bike, light the grill, grab the ball, spend the day in the pool and enjoy a day outside with family, friends, and pets.” Trips to the local park, grilling out, or even hanging out in the yard can pose dangers to our pets. Pet Dangers

Cowtown Turned Animal Health Technology Center

Summer 2019 Gallagher Animal Health Management Blog

At the bend in the Missouri River on grass covered flats if you listen close you might hear echoes of the past; hoofbeats, whistling, spurs jangling, the slap of leather and the high pitched zzzzzz of a lariat. Cowboys, dust covered and bone tired, riding weary cowponies barely heard over the bawling of thousands of Texas steers, “Hold’em here boys, the drives bout over.”

Kansas City sprouted from its agricultural heritage as a Cowtown. The transition to a center for animal health, education, and technology seems only natural for a town that for hundreds of years has had millions of animals pass through this gateway to the west. Cowtown