Roots in Unique Land Led to Life-Long Career of Discovery

September-October 2020 | Crops & Soils Magazine

Deep roots in his hometown, a closed door, a thirst for knowledge, and an inquisitive spirit enabled CCA Bruce Palmer to work his way up in an agronomy company only to remain on the ground floor. Discovery – Bruce Palmer’s profile

SSSA Member Seeks to Make A Difference in Congress

April 2022 CSA News

John Selker is on a mission to take science, the foundational lessons taught to him by his parents, and a burning desire to make a difference all the way to congress. 

Selker is an SSSA member, a Distinguished Professor of Biological and Ecological Engineering specializing in hydrology at Oregon State University (OSU), and co-director of Trans-African Hydro-Meteorological Observatory (TAHMO). He feels his wealth of varied experiences would be useful in guiding discussions and analyzing data to uncover practical solutions in Congress. John Selker

Inspirational and Collaborative Looking Back on the Life of Betty Klepper

September 2019    CSA News

Last year, the Societies lost one of its giants—Betty Klepper—who passed away on 26 Oct. 2018. Despite the traditional roles deemed acceptable for women of her day, she was determined to follow her own path. She discovered her unique strengths early in life and set out to have a positive impact on the world. Along the way, she made discoveries that would propel the science of agronomy forward, but more importantly, she set an example of leadership for us all. Betty Klepper

Positively Impacting Lives Chris Stiegler’s Legacy Continues

August 2019   CSA News

 Dr. Chris Stiegler set the bar high for other students majoring in turfgrass management. He was a great student, meticulous scientist, and dedicated researcher, but the example he set with his life transcended science. Chris Stiegler’s Legacy _

Guilette Receives Inaugural CCA Conservationist of the Year Award

January–February 2020 | Crops & Soils Magazine                                                      

 “He pushes his clients to be better and has a great ability to describe agricultural principles to people with little prior knowledge of farming,” Niles says. Nick Guilette is an educator at heart, sharing his wealth of knowledge and the lessons learned through PPF and the DK Demo Farms with all those involved in agriculture and those outside of agriculture. His commitment to environmental stewardship and belief that the path to the future necessitates that agriculture and conservation proceed hand in hand confirms the CCA Conservationist of the Year Award couldn’t be in more capable hands. Guilette

Reacher Profile: Xuefeng Ma, Ph.D.

Spring 2020 Noble Research Institute – Legacy Magazine

Thousands of miles away from the small Chinese village where Dr. Ma grew up, his work at Noble Research Institute has brought him full circle to lessons learned as a child.

Xuefeng Ma Ph.D.

Meet USA Ag Regenerative Alliance Director – Gavin Lankford

Spring 2020 U.S.A. Regenerative Agriculture Alliance

Growing up on a small Franklin, Tennessee farm, Gavin Lankford would be horseback at every opportunity. Between football games and bonfires, you could find him with the horses.

The Lankford family only had cattle while Gavin was a young boy, but they always had horses. “Learning about cattle began while I was working for other farmers. Frank Ingraham of Tap Root Farm, founder of the Tennessee Cattleman’s Association, became an incredible mentor. He was a pioneer and a man of God. Dr. Charlie Hatcher, DVM, was a neighbor and continues to be a great friend and mentor to me.”

Gavin Lankford

Women Taking Stock

December 2016 ACRES U.S.A.

Regardless of how many times people told them they shouldn’t, these successful women livestock producers stayed on their path. In this article, they share their experiences and encourage other women to pursue their dreams.

Women Taking Stock