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Reaching For the Stars – One Robot at a Time

November 2022 – New York Institute of Technology

Stepping through the doors of New York Tech’s Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation
Center (ETIC), Alexander Impastato couldn’t have imagined the opportunities within his grasp. ….

“Robotics is capable of combining a variety of other disciplines—mechanical, electrical and
computer engineering, computer science, energy management, and cybersecurity—to engage
students at all levels of knowledge and expertise in their area of interest while solving real-world
problems,” says Nizich. The added bonus is that the ETIC robots can also be controlled remotely.
“This opens up research opportunities and a virtual classroom providing experiences in STEM to
anyone in the world, regardless of location.” Reaching for the Stars One Robot at a Time

Research For A Better World

Spring 2022 – New York Institute of Technology

New York Tech faculty
and students who
want to dream
big are finding exciting
new opportunities to
work with like-minded
individuals outside their
own departments and
that encourage inclusion
to explore new ideas,
techniques, and insights
that are propelling the
university’s research
enterprise forward and
finding solutions to critical
real-world issues.

“Cross-disciplinary pollination of projects adds layers of
information that can only be acquired when working with people
from different areas, backgrounds, cultures, and interests,” notes N.
Sertac Artan, Ph.D., associate professor of electrical and computer
engineering, who is currently working on a research project with
Colleen Kirk, D.P.S., associate professor of management and marketing studies. NYIT Magazine

Spring 2021 New York Institute of Technology

Restoring Trust in Science    

Recently, the mistrust in science has grown exponentially. The interesting dichotomy: We live surrounded by technology made possible by scientific advancements. What has precipitated the distrust in science, and how do we restore the general public’s trust in science? Restoring Trust

Air Microbiome Provides Answers to Climate Change

April 2019 Qiagen

Dr. Darren Chooneea scrutinizes the molecular details of almost everything, including the incredible biodiversity of air, to gain insights on how the world is changing and to prepare for events related to climate change.

Air Microbiome

Deciphering RNA to Solve Impossible Crimes

September 2019 Qiagen

Forensic scientists at the Netherlands Forensic Institute bring clarity to the chaos of intricate crime scenes by deciphering RNA. This single strand of nucleic acid provides completely different information than that delivered by DNA, enabling the truth to be unlocked like never before. Deciphering RNA

What Is ADHD? Diagnosis and Treatment

June 2020 AHEAD Mental Health

Many of us occasionally experience problems stemming from a lack of focus, impulsivity, and/or restlessness. For some people, though, these symptoms can occur multiple times each day and interfere with activities of daily living. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (also known as ADHD) is a neurological condition characterized by difficulty focusing, impulsive behaviors, hyperactivity, and restlessness. In adults, ADHD may also manifest as memory or attention troubles. Any of these symptoms can cause issues at work or in personal life. ADHD

Anatomy of the Navicular Bone

January 2021 VeryWell Health

The navicular bone is one of the 26 bones in the human foot. It’s important for connecting the ankle to the lower bones in our feet and helps form the arch that enables us to walk. It is prone to stress fractures, especially by athletes while kicking, sprinting, twisting, or falling. Navicular Bone