“As an assigning editor in an often unpredictable startup environment, I especially value writers who can be flexible, resourceful, and self-sufficient: Denice is exactly that! She consistently delivers interesting and well-researched stories with minimal direction or starting material, and she always goes the extra mile to nail down strong interviews and ensure the accuracy of her work.”

Alia Salim   Senior Content Strategist, Ceres Imaging Aug 2020

“Denice is a very savvy writer that can “turn out’ some amazing stories.  Her ability to communicate well with all different types of people is a skill I greatly admire.  Denice is not only an excellent writer, but she also asks the right questions making her a very valuable asset to every writing project.  A true professional, very organized and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Carrie Byrum   Marketing Director, Gallagher North America

“Denice is a wonderful asset.  Her writing is informative, inviting and thought-provoking.  She shares from a place of meaningful experience.  Denice always meets deadlines and is receptive to suggestions and collaboration.”

Tara Maxwell   Managing Editor, ACRES USA

“Denice Rackley is a dedicated advocate for the welfare of all animals.  She provides sound advice for maintaining the health and wellbeing of pets, working animals and livestock.  Denice’s experience as a skilled veterinary technician, working dog trainer, groomer and stock owner contribute to her writing style that entertains and educates all audiences.”

“Denice is able to take a project and run with it, working equally well as part of a team or independently, consistently delivering high-quality content.  She is always a pleasure to work with, her knowledge and passion are obvious in the articles she produces.”

Dr. Jeanette Raikos, DVM

“I was very impressed with the work that Denice Rackley did in preparing a freelance article on my former Ph.D. Advisor. I had and still have not met Denice, but when she informed me via an email that the focus of the article had suggested she visit with me, I readily agreed.  In less than 48 hours, she was back to me via a phone call.  Not only was she back quickly, but she was well prepared with questions and facts about the subject of the article.  In less than a week, she was back with a well-written draft and more questions.  From start to submission to the organization took less than 2 weeks.  Rather remarkable considering that included time for reviews from those of us contributing and that often takes several days, especially when working with retired academicians.  While speed is of importance for freelance articles, what is of most importance is readability and accuracy.  It takes talent to weave together facts collected from various sources and people to make it an interesting story that will grab the attention of readers.  Denice demonstrated that talent with the easy and accurate read she produced in this freelance article on a person she never met from people she never met.  She is a cautious writer, even to go so far as to check information given by one person with another source.  I would rank Denice among the best writers, authors, and editors I have worked with in my nearly 40 years in academia.”

Dr. Robert Hoeft   May 2019

What Others Have Said

“This is Perfect.” Jan 2020

“Great work. Fascinating profile.”  July 2019

“You captured my thoughts very well. I appreciate your efforts to put this piece together. Betty would be proud.”  July 2019

“Thank you for preparing the well-written article published in the October issue of the CSA News entitled “Uncompromising Commitment–Robert J. Luxmoore Graduate Student Travel Award.” I was particularly pleased to read comments from former recipients of the Award, and I thank you for obtaining them.”  Oct 2019

“Thank you for writing the article on Chris Stiegler. I appreciate you writing the article as it helps to continue his legacy.” Aaron 2019

“Chris was just such an incredible person from an incredible family. Your writing did a great job of capturing how his work and his name, while cut short by a tragedy, will live on for many, many years to come.” Mike 2019